REBECCA COURSEY-RUGH | critically acclaimed imagery documenting the unconventional: birth and the labyrinth of family life

BIRTH is BIRTH no matter how it unfolds,

no matter how your family comes into being.  


"Don't tell us what to believe, what to fear. Show us belief's wide skirt and the stitch that unravels fear's caul." – Toni Morrison


Many things are born on your child's birth day.

Not just any story; but your story, your child's story.

birth photography

I have been a doula and birth photographer for what seems like forever. However, many years before that, when I was pregnant with my second child, I had a deep sense that I was meant to raise men and work with women.

Now, years later, I have three boys and have witnessed close to 200 women usher their children into this world. Holding space for the laboring woman remains as much as an honor and privilege now as it was at my very first birth.


Birth Films 

having a film of your birth may seem like an odd thing, or even added bonus, but really, it often becomes my clients most favorite aspect of their birth story.


Maybe its because I believe deeply in the transformative nature of birth.

As a doula, and former midwifery school attendee, I have come to revere the nature of birth beyond anything I thought possible. It is truly both an art and a science.

As an artist and photographer: It makes my heart sing when I am invited into your birth space, being asked to document these fleeting but powerful moments for you…

As a mother, I love affirming and celebrating the birth of your baby and your passage into motherhood.....



There are a million birth photographers in Los Angeles (and around the world).

Take your time and find the one that appeals to you the most.

Let your heart and instinct guide you. Who speaks to you?

Can you feel the story of your baby's birth day being told by that photographer?

What does your heart tell you? What do you feel when you see their images?

Is it someone whom you could invite into your birth space?

If you think I am the one for you, let’s begin a conversation….

honest birth portraits
birth photography

Many of my clients ask, how does documentation of my birth work? When do I call you to come?

As a doula and a mother I know how important and sacred this time is and I see myself as part of your birth team.

Women labor best when they are familiar with all the people who are supporting them in labor –including the photographer! I don't see myself as a fly on the wall, clicking away with my camera, rather someone who is quietly supporting you with imagery and love.

My doula heart holds space for you as I document. As you get closer to your due date we often check in. Once labor starts, I work with your doula/partner/you to know when the best time to come is.